01 April 2020

Things are upgraded

My Dear readers,

I am really thankful for being supportive all these years.

This site was the first blog site I ever created in my life.  On 2010 I posted my first article. Its been great journey by then.

Just like our mobile OS and any other software we upgraded too. Now we write in various other blogs such as codeproject.com, medium.com, Blogs.JustCompile.com and TrainITSolutions.com.

You may find articles in this site is pretty old and grammatically have lot of issues. I didn't removed this blog because I want to keep it as a memory and may be it will exist forever. It makes me remember my struggle and keep me motivated.

You wont see any new posts in this site but accidentally you may land here many times.

Happy to see you again. You can follow me on twitter@sukeshmarla to keetp yourself upgraded about my other writings.

Thanks and regards
Sukesh Marla
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21 June 2014

Training feedback and testimonials

I love training....I try to give 100% to my students...More than earning money my goal is to earn respect....
MVC, WCF, Design Patterns, MSBI, JSON, jQuery,Fundamentals..

Let see what my students thinks about me....

Share your feedbacks . Don't forget to specify the topic you learned.

26 July 2013

The Programmer – Edition2 is out

Hope you have read the Edition-I and it has met your expectations. We have put our heart for making this edition live. We tried our best to make it best, but in reality its readers who made it best. First of all I as a publisher of The Programmer newspaper would like to thank each and every one of you for making this edition a successful story. We have reached more than 1000 developers till now. I would like to thank  Questpond team for helping us distributing newspaper across India. Finally my special thanks to authors of Edition-I Pinal Dave, RenjiPeniker, Dhananjay Kumar, Shivprasad Koirala and me ( even I was the author in Edition-I :)   ).

A Quick look on our first edition

Thanks Bipalab Paul for your valuable interview. In spite of your busy schedule you managed to take some time out and added a valuable input to the edition.

Now it’s time to feel the smell of second edition. It’s only few steps away from your door step. It’s more exciting and improved. This time we have lots of surprises for you, with more number of technical and non-technical articles.

Preview of edition2 Front Page

Hope you will have fun in exploring this edition.

If you want to grab a free copy of The Programmer Edition-II,
  • write a review on your blog
  • Share the link
  • Send us your home address
And we will deliver paper to your doorstep.

20 July 2013

Real life Interview questions

Following are the list of interview questions faced by me and my friends. Please feel free to share your own as comments and i will publish them...

  • Sukesh Marla(2.5 yrs of experience - Shawman Softwares)
    .net Interview questions part1
    1)Which will you prefer Server.Transfer or Response.Redirect and Why?
    2)How will You Define Generic in a single sentence?
    3)Whats The Difference between ControlState and ViewState
    4)What is Event bubbling
  • Chaitali Ladhe(G5 Web Services)
    .Net Interview Questions.
    1) What is Method overloading and method overriding?
    2) What is Boxing and Unboxing? Explain with example.
    3) Explain Object oriented concepts in detail with example.
    4) Program to swap 2 numbers without using temporary variable..
  • Sai(2.5yrs of exp - ShawMan Development)
    CSS Interview questions -
    1. What is inheritance in CSS?
    2. What is overriding in CSS?
    3. When we use "important" keyword in CSS?
    4. Difference between block & unblock elements?
    5. What is position?
    6. what is shothand properties?
    7. drawbacks of table?
    8. what is em?
    9. advantage of extenal CSS?
    10.advantage of Div?
  • 1) What are types of polymorphism
    2) What is the difference between function, stored procedures, and views
    3) How do you migrate data from 2000 to 2008
    4) What is the difference between .net framework 2.0 and 3.5
    5) Give an code for LINQ
    6) Give full form of LINQ
    7) What are types of triggers
    8) What is sql injection
    9) How to do bulk insert in database by reading from csv file
    10) Can we have multiple catch statements for try
    If yes then what is the sequence in which the catch statements are excuted
    11) What is use of views
    12) Difference between where and on
    13) How to make the thread sleep for infinite duration
    14) What is remoting
    15) What is serialization and its types
    16) Can we write this
    Select viewname
  • 17) What is the difference between global variables and system variables
    18) How to use system variables as Local Variables
    19) What is the class used for generics
    20) What are components of ado.net
    21) What are types of caching
    22) What are types of indexes
    23) Page Life cycle
    24) VSS -> Merging and Branching
    25) What are types of triggers
    26) How do we access gridview inside gridview
    27) How can we do optimization in sql for queries
    28) What is satellite assembly
    29) What is localization and globalization
    30) What are access specifiers
    31) How do we restrict the class to be inherited
    32) What is class, object
  • 33) What are new fetures in sql 2005
    34) What is hash table
    35) What is stack and queue
    36) Difference between structure and class
    37) Is assembly a logical or physical unit
    38) Which of the following is not related to Dataset
    a) Datarow b) Datacolumn c) Dataview d) Datareader
    39) Which is faster updatpanel or callback? Why?
    40) How do we implement callback
    41) In javascript, what is undefined and null
    42) Do events have return types
    43) What are types of Indexes
    44) Port number of HTTP
    45) Is ftp a protocol
    46) Difference between stored procedures and functions
    47) What is a class
    48) Can garbage collector called? What period of time?
    49) What is assembly?
    50) What is https?
    51) For whose the performance is optimal. Considering viewstate(grid, datalist, or repeater)
    52) String and stringbuilder class
  • 1. How to force to call Garbage collector?
    2. What is the diff between truncate and delete?
    3. How many types of commands in sql server?
    4. What DDL and DML?
    5. Is class reference type or value type?
    6. What GC.Collect ?
    7. Is Enum reference type or value type?
    8. Does the performance of viewstate vary according to user control?
    9. Which user control(Reader, DataGrid, DataList) provide less performace?
    10. Can abstract class have constructor?
    11. Can we explicitly specify return type for constructor of abstract class?
    12. How to implement read only property?
    13. What is the diff between abstract class and interface?
    14. Can we assign diff access modifire for set and get of the same property?
  • 15. Can private variables be inherited?
    16. What are benefits of normalization?
    17. How many types of session in asp.net?
    18. Do events have return type?
    19. Which type of session have Session_End event?
    20. What is index in sql server?
    21. Can we have only get method in property?
    22. How to define a property?
    23. What is the diff between convert.tostring() and .tostring()?
    24. What is normalization? What is 1st nf, 2nd nf and 3rd nf?
    25. What is multithreading?
    26. What is the diff between ArrayList and List?
  • 1.What is verification and validation?
    2.What is the difference in testing a CLENT-SERVER application and a WEB application ?
    3.What are the typical problems in web testing ?
    4.How to test Browser compatibility testing?
    5.What is your approach or how do you start Testing an Webapplication?
    6.During the passward field testing. What sould be the focus (give answer in one word).
    7.From the testability point of view what is the difference between client/server testing and web testing?
  • 1.What is verification and validation?
    2.What is the difference in testing a CLENT-SERVER application and a WEB application ?
    3.What are the typical problems in web testing ?
  • please put ur name with experience first..
    also try to separate the questions in group such as .net interview questions and sooo
  • 1. What is process?
    2. What is thread?
    3. Difference between process and thread?
    4. Difference between primary key and unique key?
    5 What is boxing and unboxing?
    6 What is difference between delete and truncate in SQL?
    7 What is CTS?
    8 What is Assembly? Types of Assembly ? And Difference between that types?
    9 What is GAC?
    10 What is difference between Data reader and Data set?
    11 What is CSS? Types of CSS?
    12 What is JQuery and use?
    13 How many types of validation controls in .Net? Expain each?
  • Deepali Pujari(1.4yrs of exp -I2eye Interactive)

    1.Explain ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?
    2.What is Session and explain the difference between session and cookies in asp.net?
    3.advantage of ajax in .net?
    4.difference between ajax and javascript?
    5.How to implement multiple inheritance in .NET?
    6.what is interface in .net explain with real world example?
    7.Difference between interface and abstract class in .net?
    8.what is polymorphism in .net explain with one example?
    9.difference between datalist and gridview in asp.net?
    10.Types of validation controls in asp.net explain with examples?
    11.A textbox which allows only numerical values then which validation control we will use?
    12.what is dataset in ado.net?
    13.What is disconnected and connected architecture in dot net?
    14.difference between dataset and datareader?
    15.what is sqlcommand and what are the methods of sqlcommand ?
    16.What is Connection Pooling in ASP.NET ?
  • Sukesh Marla(2.5 yrs of exp-shawman softwares)

    1.What are the types of triggers?
    2.Advantages of triggers?
    3.Why we use multiple triggers?
    4.How to set the order for trigger in case of multiple triggers?
    5.What type of process you follow in ur current organization?
    6.what are the new features in sql 2005?
    7.There will be one table TblEmployee(EmployeeId,EmployeeName)
    your work is to show the entire table in grid which contain 3 columns-SrNo EmpId EmpName
    How u will achieve this?
    8.What are the types of Temporary Tables in sql?
    9.When to use Temp table and when Table Variable?
    10.How to make class non inheritable in c#
  • Kanchan Nemade(2.2 yrs of exp-shawman softwares)
    1. will the following program compile?
    public partial class Default3
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    catch (Exception ex)
    catch (NotFiniteNumberException ex1)


    2. Will the following program complie?

    public partial class Parent:Child
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)



    public interface InterfaceChild

    int Square (int)
    3. What are implicit objects in C#?
    4. What is Serialization?
    5. What is triggers?
    6. Do events have return type?
    7. OOPS features?
    8. how to prevent a class to be inherited from another class?
  • 1)If we have a set of primary keys in a single table... what are they called?

    2)How can we Sort Arrays in C# ?

    3)What is the use of Stored procedures?

    4)Diff. Between VB and .Net?

    5)SQL Query to display 2nd largest salary of an employee ?

    6)What is the use of CTS in .Net?

    7)Write a C Program to display prime numbers from 1-100

    8)If we have both internal and external stylesheet defined on a page, which one will the browser use?
  • 1)Page lifecycle
    2)what is view state
    3)what is session & types
    4)what is better in session performance wise - out proc or in proc
    5)types of state management
    6)what is caching & types
    7)what is handler
    8)what is Event bubbling
    9)if two scriptmanager added in one page den ??
    10)How to create runtime textbox using javascript
    11)what is ajax
    12)what u have done in javascript
    13)what is ado.net architecture
    14)ADO .net syntax to fill datatable
    15)Diff between store procedure & Function
    16)What is web service
    17)How to consume web service
    18)what is abstract class
  • Pradeep V Kumbhar(1.2 yrs exp in Shawman Software)
    1.If we using asp.net 3.5 then which version of C# we used?
    2.What is advantages of 3-tier architecture?
  • Ashish Aphale(Fresher)

    1.access modifiers in VB.net(5 type)
    2.why we cannot use multiple inheritance in both C# & Java
    3.what are the stored procedures?
    4.difference between unique & primery key
    5.what is cross join
    6.different objects in ADO.net
    7.explain the assemblies,meta data in .Net
    8.page life cycle in ASP.net
    9.use of connection string
  • 1) Vb.net/C#.net/Asp.net: How do you get and set a connection string in app.config & web.config files?
    2) SQL: In sql, how will you fetch the last inserted identity value for a table?
    3) SQL: Select the 2nd highest salary from a table without using Max or Top.
  • Pradeep V Kumbhar (1.4 yrs of exp-Shawman Software)
    1.What is partial class?
    2.What is server side objects?
    3.State Management techniques?
    4.What is web service?
    5.What is interface? What is access specifier of interface method?
    6.How to Ajax.dll and Ajax.ToolKitdll to project?
    7.How to do transaction in sql?
    8.What is OUT parameter in sql?
    9.How to pass parameter from .net to sql-stored procedure?
    10.What happen if we write command.ExcuteNonQuery instead of command.ExcuteReader while retriving data from database?
    11.What is GET and POST method?
    12.What is compulsary attribute of asp control?
    13.What is runat="server"?
    14.What is cookie size?
    15.How to call method in default.aspx.cs page from default.aspx-javascript using AJAX?
    16.Can we call function of Database from .net?
    17.How many Web.config in project?
    18.In ADO.NET what is connected and disconnected architechture?
    19.In HTML why controls like button etc.. is always in form tag?
    20.There is two table
    1.Product and column name=pid(primary key),productname
    2.Order and column name= oid(primary key),pid(foreign key),quantity

    write a sql query to get quantity using join.

    21.What is overloading and overriding?
    22.Which is first directive in .aspx page?
    23.How to call any function from stored procedure?
  • Ashwin Araokar (3.2 Years of Exp)

    1. Types of index and explain them.
    2. In which scenario index should not be used.
    3. What are triggers..have u used it practically..y did choose to use a trigger and not implement the logic in front end..
    4. what are stored proc...where have u used it??
    5. query to get employee name and corresponding manager name...data present in a single table...
    6. query to get emp name (from emp table) and corresponding dept name (from dept table)
    7. what is inheritance...in which scenario have u used it practically
    8. how would u stop a class from being inherited
    9. what is method overriding and where have u used it
    10. wot r the ways to retrieve data from backend.
    11. wot is dataset, datareader, dataadapter
    12. how wud u exec a stored proc from frnt end and hw wud u pass parameters to it
    13. in a datagrid if 2 rows are to be updated and if error comes while updating second row then the both the rows shouldnt be updated..how wud u achieve dis..
    14. wot is a transaction..commit and rollback transaction to be explained
    15. explain mvc
    16. if a transaction is to be rolled back where that piece of code would be written...in the model or the controller..
    17. how to define a transaction....
  • Saiprasad Sherlekar (3 yes Experience)
    1.Try to explain you project in short
    2.Primary Key Vs Unque Key
    3.What is DataReader?
    3.What are the methods of SQLCommand Class
    4.Server.Trasnfer Vs Response.Redirect
    5.What is SqlCommand.ExecuteMomQuery() method,Can we use it for Select Query
    6.What are DDL an DML Statements in sql
    7.Store procedures Vs Function
    8.char vs varchar
    9.What are triggers in sql?
    10.varchar vs nvarchar
    11.ADO,net archnitecture
    12.Providers in .net
    13.what is native provider
    14.Can we connect to sql using OLEDB
    15.Temporary table vs Table variable
    16.local vs global temporary table
    18.Why we cany write DML statement in function??
    19.Types of sql Function.
    20.How to write Table Valued Function
    21.Pass by Value VS Pass by Reference
    22.Clustered Vs Non Clustered Index
    23.PK Vs Foreign Key
    24.How to write transactions in Sql
    25.What is Atomicity in ACID
  • Sukesh Marla (3 yrs Experienced)
    1.What is nested stored procedure?
    2.What is mean by nested cursors?
    3.Temp table vs Table variable
    4.How to optimize a sql query?

    5.Explain The process in Your Company?
    6.Type Of providers in .net
    7. Connected Vs Disconnected architecture in .net
    8.What are the Methods of SqlCommand Class
    9.When Datareader will be preferred?
    10.How to Iterate through sql resultset,without using cursors?
    11.Types of Sql Functions
    12.Sql Functions Vs Stored Procedures
    13.Truncate Vs Delete
    14.PK VS UK
    15.If u have 3 interfaces I1,I2,I3 all of which contain 2 methds
    class is derived frm all 3 of them,
    i Override 2 from I1,
    1 from I2
    and 2 from I3
    will it work?
    16.We have abstract class ,and class will be derived form that without Overriding the abstract method present in abstract class,
    will it compile?
    17.Once upon a time developer developed a class,with a method say M1
    now i have derived a class from that so that i can override that method but unfortunately Prev Developer forget to declare it as virtual
    now what i can do,if i want a fresh copy of that method according to my convenience?
  • Pradeep V Kumbhar (1.5 yrs of exp-Shawman Software)

    1.Tell me about youe self?
    2.Tell me about projects that you worked on?
    3.What is sealed in c#?Why it is used?
    4.What is difference between Abstract class and Interface?
    5.In your project which tier architecture used?
    6.How front end value is passed to database through that tier-architecture?
    7.Which is Session management techniques?
    8.What is view state?Can we see view state value of password textbox?How?
    9.What is Left join?
    10.What is Normalization?
    11.What is function?
    12.In stored procedure suppose we calling one function that function inserting value in one table? Is this work?
    13.What is Repetar and what about its performance than other Data Controls?
    14.Tell me code that bind dataset to DataGridView?
    15.What is Dataset?
    16.What is Transaction in .NET not in sql?
    17.Can we create object of abstract class?
    18.Why you use abstract class in project?
    19.What type of session used in your project?
    20.Can you know about Design pattern in .NET?
    21.In Static class is any there any non-static methods?
    22.How can we call static methods?
    22.How can we call non-static methods?
    23.Which ASP.NET features used in project?LINQ etc?
    24.What is LINQ?
    25.Can we do linq on list objects?
    26.Can we do linq on DataSet?
    27.What is constant and readonly variables?
    28.What is String and StringBuilder?
    29.What is IsPostBack?
    30.What is Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
  • Dipal Shah (3+ Experience - Etouch System)
    1. If you just write “ Hello World” in a page without Doctype, html, head, will this page run in a browser>
    2. If you write Hello & World in different span, how it will look in browser?
    3. If you write Hello & World in different div, how it will look in browser?
    4. If there are many pages in your website, your boss just asks you to remove footer in 2 minutes. How you will manage?
    5. What is the difference between Inline & Block Element?
    6. What are the different values for Position?
    7. What are the different values for Display?
  • Above one posted by Dipal shah is for HTML Developer.
    Thanks for participating dipal, Please make sure to put post u have been applied for along with Experience, else will be difficult for beginners to identify.
  • Can anyone please let me know how to call Session_End get and session value when user closes the browser or navigate to previous page?
  • Which opp's property come when we add page in .net(Default.aspx)
  • Why jQuery


    As a web developer JavaScript is the most obvious thing we use for client side scripting. Many developers preferjQuery instead of pure JavaScript for client side scripting, but the question arises is how JavaScript is different from jQuery and why should we use it. In this article we will try to understand the same.


    JavaScript vs. jQuery?

    Why to use jQuery?

    Its lightweight

    Cross browser support

    Easy Dom traversing

    Easy Plugins

    Tested, commonly used and documented

    JavaScript vs. jQuery?

    In order to answer this question we have to understand

    • What is mean by Application and what is mean by Library?
    • How to create Libraries
    • How jQuery is different from JavaScript

    What is mean by Application and what is mean by Library?

    Live examples for applications are facebook.com, Microsoft office, visual studio, an inventory management system etc. Application caters end user requirements. For creating such application we use some already created libraries and achieve quick development, surety of proper working (because libraries will be pre-tested and proven).

    How we create library?

    We start with some tools like Visual studio where we will write some code using some programming languages like C# or Vb.net and then we call it as library

    • If we can call that code block as self-contained code block,
    • If we can use the code written there in more than one application without repeating a single line of redundant code,
    • If it is nor self-executable.


    JavaScript is language we uses for client side scripting and jQuery is nothing but a library containing set of functions (reusable functions) created using JavaScript.

    Why to use jQuery?

    It’s a very good question why should we use jQuery and not something else?

    • Its lightweight - jQuery is a lightweight library and because of its lightweight characteristics it provideshighperformance, it’s a very well written code which is about 32 kb size
    • Cross browser supportjQuery supports cross browser, means while working with JavaScript the most important factor we have to consider is browser whereas while working with jQuerywe are not at all required to worry about browser because JQueryfunctions are completely browser independent
    • Easy Dom traversing - With the help of jQuery we can find parent or child of any HTML element at any timewithout writing much code.
    • Easy Plugins -jQuery is highlyextensible. It let you extend the existing behavior and even you can easily add new behaviors. You can easily find huge plugins over internet.
    • Tested, commonly used and documented Because of huge popularitynot only you can get answers for most of the jQuery questions easily in forums but also availability of huge documentation makes learning jQuery very easy.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article, for more please visit www.sukesh-Marla.com.

    For technical training related to.net technologies including WCF, MVC, Design patterns, WPF and Business Intelligence contact SukeshMarla@Gmail.com

    03 July 2013

    .Net Interview question Edition 6 is available now.

    It’s almost more than 5 years I have been working with Microsoft technologies. Initially just like others I was also interested in learning and was desperately looking for challenging works where I can learn, grow and prove myself.

    Just after I switched my first company I met few people around who were reading some sort of book called “.Net interview questions”.  To be honest I didn’t liked it. At that time I was one of the struggling guy who was desperately trying to improve in terms of technology and communication in order to, first cross the interview and then to earn a respectable position in an organization. At that time I created a small document containing all the interview questions I faced. I was using them as a reference document. When I saw that now without putting any effort people were getting all question with answers I got sad, because I thought now everybody will cross interview and there will be no value for knowledge.

    But competition!!! I purchased 4th version of these book so that I can stand head to head with other developer. I started reading and I realized questions I collected were not even 5% of what we have in this book. I was really amazed, because each and every question I faced during my 1.5 years of experience was there. I realized lots of things like “A book cannot let anybody cross interview”, “No one will become a great developer by just reading that book”, But “It can really become a golden sword for those developers who really believe in hard work, improvement and learning”. I was using that book as a reference/revision book for my interviews. The ultimate quality of the book which I realized was the fact that how much less I know about technology and industry.

    I very strongly prefer each and every .net developer to have this book. 

    Its fine you know the concept, its fine practically you can do miracles, but who believes you? Who are you? If you want to prove yourself, if you want to fight the battle, first you need to enter the battle arena. Interview is the door for that battle arena which every developers should cross.

    I saw many technically sound guys in my career who were Sindbad when they have visual studio with them but during interview they are just chickens. Many times we know the answers for many questions but don’t know how to express it? How to make the person sitting in front of us believe that we know it?Ultimate solution is .Net Interview questions book by ShivprasadKoirala. This book helps in

             1. Realizing what you still need to learn?
             2.    Revise everything you learned.
             3. Creating a good resume.
             4. Understand salary standards.
             5. Test yourself with the help of self-assessment sheet.

    The great news is 6’Th edition of this book is out just a few days back. I really wanted to read that book and you know what just two day back I received a courier from questpond containing same. I am feeling great, because Mr.Shivprasadkoirala personally sent me the book and that’s great honor.

    I got astonished when I open the book and completed reading first page of the book.Thank you sir for such a great opportunity!

    I am a live example who had seen how this book has changed lives and careers of many people. I know Mr.ShivprasadKoirala personally and he is really a great guy. He strongly believes in social work and helping people. With such interview question book and user group seminars he became super hero for many people. I am a big fan of him. The effort he had put on this book is huge which can be easily seen by anyone who have this book. One of the great part of this book is, this book not only talks about technical questions in .net world, but also about non-technical stuffs in Project manager and HR world.

    In 6’th edition some old questions were removed which made me feel bad…but later I realized it’s no more required , new questions based on MVC and other new concepts are added. But my all-time favorite is top 50 technical and non-technical questions – A Quick last minute revision section.

    This is an ultimate book for everyone. According to me every .Net developer from Jr programmer to Project manager should have this book.

    My hearty congratulations not only to Mr. ShivprasadKoirala but also to every single person who is follower of this book.  Hope we will get a chance to look into many more editions of this book. 

    Things are upgraded

    My Dear readers, I am really thankful for being supportive all these years. This site was the first blog site I ever created in my life...