20 July 2013

Why jQuery


As a web developer JavaScript is the most obvious thing we use for client side scripting. Many developers preferjQuery instead of pure JavaScript for client side scripting, but the question arises is how JavaScript is different from jQuery and why should we use it. In this article we will try to understand the same.


JavaScript vs. jQuery?

Why to use jQuery?

Its lightweight

Cross browser support

Easy Dom traversing

Easy Plugins

Tested, commonly used and documented

JavaScript vs. jQuery?

In order to answer this question we have to understand

  • What is mean by Application and what is mean by Library?
  • How to create Libraries
  • How jQuery is different from JavaScript

What is mean by Application and what is mean by Library?

Live examples for applications are facebook.com, Microsoft office, visual studio, an inventory management system etc. Application caters end user requirements. For creating such application we use some already created libraries and achieve quick development, surety of proper working (because libraries will be pre-tested and proven).

How we create library?

We start with some tools like Visual studio where we will write some code using some programming languages like C# or Vb.net and then we call it as library

  • If we can call that code block as self-contained code block,
  • If we can use the code written there in more than one application without repeating a single line of redundant code,
  • If it is nor self-executable.


JavaScript is language we uses for client side scripting and jQuery is nothing but a library containing set of functions (reusable functions) created using JavaScript.

Why to use jQuery?

It’s a very good question why should we use jQuery and not something else?

  • Its lightweight - jQuery is a lightweight library and because of its lightweight characteristics it provideshighperformance, it’s a very well written code which is about 32 kb size
  • Cross browser supportjQuery supports cross browser, means while working with JavaScript the most important factor we have to consider is browser whereas while working with jQuerywe are not at all required to worry about browser because JQueryfunctions are completely browser independent
  • Easy Dom traversing - With the help of jQuery we can find parent or child of any HTML element at any timewithout writing much code.
  • Easy Plugins -jQuery is highlyextensible. It let you extend the existing behavior and even you can easily add new behaviors. You can easily find huge plugins over internet.
  • Tested, commonly used and documented Because of huge popularitynot only you can get answers for most of the jQuery questions easily in forums but also availability of huge documentation makes learning jQuery very easy.

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